When You Just Have to Do One Day at a Time

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we are only called to do today

photo by Brooke Lark

I wake up in the morning with the world weighing down on me. There is so much to do and goals to accomplish, dreams to make happen and lives to shape. There’s a future world cup player to develop and a hopeful rocket scientist to challenge. Before that they need to somehow get to college and learn how to be independent and how to drive (Lord, have mercy) and get jobs. There are hearts to be molded and relationships to strengthen before they go, and that’s just in the house.

Out there is a husband trying his very best to do what God has called him to do and it’s hard and discouraging right now. So there’s a foxhole to hunker down in together while we’re doing all the heart molding and relationship strengthening and independence building and future shaping. And in the foxhole there’s cheerleading and listening and believing and praying that has to happen more than it ever has, and I love it, but it’s a battle.

And out there is a world of injustices I want to right and hearts that need awakening and messes I want to sit with others in. There are books and blog posts to be written and speeches to give. There is coaching and leading and creating and loving to do.

It’s all good and necessary and I love it all more than life which is why I want to see it done well so very much.

But as I walk this morning and lift my weary eyes to God, inquiring what to do about this heavy weight, He reminds me that I am only called to do today. My energy needs to cover what is in this sunrise to sunset. He will direct it and sustain it and give me what I need for it.

He sees the future them and the foxhole us and the world of needs and He’s got it all covered. So I take all that energy I thought needed to cover the next 10 years, and I know that it is the portion He has given me for this. Not all it takes for all that I can see in the future – just enough of what I need for this day.

My soul breathes a sigh of relief and the weight lifts because it was never mine to carry. It is His. He’s got this. He’s got us. I just have to do today.

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