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They will know we are Christians by our love-are you loving well in this political climate?

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I am not one for espousing my political views on my blog. Truth be told, in part it is because I am afraid – I don’t like arguments. It’s also because I think most of the inflammatory topics discussed on the internet are painted too black and white, and are better left for discussion by rational beings in personal contact, rather than bold statements thrown out by faceless people. But today I feel compelled to say something.

I’ve seen about a thousand articles in response to last week’s decision regarding gay marriage. I’ve read some of them. I had no desire to add to the mix. But in my heart, as someone who does believe that gay marriage isn’t something God designed, I have been unsettled. UnsettledĀ because I don’t know how best to respond. It feels sometimes like there are two camps: outrage or acceptance. I don’t believe God wants us to pitch our tents in either.

As I prayed aboutĀ this issue last week, I asked God how He would like me to respond, and this is what I believe He said,

“Keep doing what I’ve always called you to do: love. Love people well. Move toward them with grace and compassion and truth and respect. Keep believing that I am God and I deeply love people and want them to know that, regardless of how they live. Know that I am not dependent on governments to accomplish my purposes. I never have been. There are plenty of places where governments and societies are against Me, against you. I still work there, because I still love there, and I will not stop. In fact, it is often in those hard places that I am most glorified. So you keep believing that my love is good and that people need to hear about it. Nothing changes.”

At least that’s how I heard it. So I will do it: keep on loving.

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