Wrong Number

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In college, our dorm phone number was 836-2223. Unfortunately to drunk frat boys at 2 am, this translated to 836-BABE. I was the one who was typically awakened by these calls. I always gave them to my roommate. She did not appreciate it.

We had a few wrong numbers in China. My favorite was this woman, who insisted that her sister must live at my house because that was the number she had written down.

This week, it’s “call for someone else” week at the Butz house. I’ve had at least 6 people call in the last three days looking for a variety of people. Some of them have called more than once. There’s a person in Wisconsin who seems intent on reaching me on my cell, but when I call back it says Kohls. Why would Kohls be calling me? One man even resorted to swearing at us on our answering machine. Well, swearing at his friend, “Why won’t you pick up? I know you’re there.” Really? Do you know who is here? Because the message on the machine should have clued you in.

Sorry, it’s just the four of us here. I hope you find who you’re looking for. Please stop calling.


Hello? Is this 1985?


* Also, I realized that my comments setting was like Fort Knox, so if you have tried to comment in the past and found it too complicated, I think I’ve remedied that. Comment away!

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