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31 days of victory big

We’re coming up on one year of living in Orlando. The first time we came down last year to see the house as a family was in October, when we observed that our neighbors down the street decorated extensively for Halloween. We’ve since learned they go all out for most holidays. About a month ago, their Halloween decor went up again, bloody sheets and all. It seems like this should make us feel like we’re gaining longevity here, but I’m still stuck on the fact that they have “No trespassing: will be shot” signs on their fence. We’re not trick or treating there.

But yesterday held another reminder that we are slowly settling in here. It was grandparent’s day at our kids’ school. They had one in the spring too, and Erik’s parents happened to be here for it which was fantastic. This time the commute was a bit too long. I attended though, and while some of the moms were setting up and taking down, a couple of the new ones had questions about what to do. I realized that I knew what had happened last time, and while that made me far from an expert, I had something to offer. On top of that, the night before when the kids were making lunches, they said, “Hey, tomorrow’s grandparent’s day. We don’t have to bring as much lunch!” Yes, let’s fill up on donut holes and cheese instead. We know how to do grandparent’s day.

It’s a funny victory to claim, because it wasn’t really anything we did – it was just recognizing that we’re getting there. Life will soon have more traditions and “this is how we do” moments. Each year our confederate neighbors will put up their excessive holiday decor and will remind us that this is home. It feels like roots. Little ones, but roots.

What are you calling victory today?

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