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This day started out well. We dropped the kids off at the carpool meeting point and drove to the office where I was able to spend a morning writing. I left for errands around 12:30, and that’s when it all went south.

In addition to being a do-er, I am a big fan of efficiency as well. I strategize my errands like I’m planning a war. I had mine arranged for a clear victory.

The first store was closed. The second one wouldn’t let me return the item. The third wouldn’t let me use a gift card and a coupon. At the fourth, I left a coupon for $1.25 in the car. Along the way I looked for the cheapest gas. I thought I found it on Colonial, but the price hadn’t been updated (I hate Colonial with most of my being). I fueled up on Alafaya, then noticed that the gas station I normally use right near school was cheaper, which was unfortunate because going to Alafaya meant driving University to school, and on both roads I hit every. single. light.

When I saw gas even cheaper close to home I burst out laughing. I’m pretty sure I heard God laughing too. I know I couldn’t have laughed at that point though if, somewhere along the way (I think at store #2) I began to employ the phrase, “Oh well.” In other words, let it go.

Are you sensing a theme? I like order and routine and generally for things to go my way. I like to think that’s the way to victory, but I’m discovering that victory is more often found in my internal choices. Today, it was a simple, “oh well” over and over, until I could simply laugh about it all.

What are you calling victory today?

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