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31 days of victory big

Um . . . . full disclosure? I don’t feel like writing tonight. I feel like I have nothing to report. Today was a pretty ordinary day. I got up, exercised, prayed, got ready. I got the kids up, made them breakfast, drove the carpool to school. I helped in Megan’s classroom and hung around while she had a meeting after school. We drove home. I made dinner, changed, and drove Megan to soccer. I tried running a little while I was there, then gave up and walked instead. We came home.

There were no magical moments. Nothing seemingly life-changing (aside from the fact that I did become an aunt today for the first time – but that is clearly my sister-in-law’s victory and I applaud her). It was not a red letter day for me.

I want the big victories. I want the obvious, significant, recognized moments, the ones that make the world take notice, but life doesn’t have many of those.

Instead, it has days like today. Lots of them. So was there any victory today? Yes. My victory today is that I was faithful to do what God gave me to do. That’s all, and that’s enough.

What are you calling victory today?

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