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It’s hard to find a clear victory in a day when all you did was sit in a chair listening to a speaker for 8 hours. It might be my victory is that, despite less than 5 hours of sleep, I did not fall asleep. Ok, I only fell asleep for brief moments. But I did not fall off my chair. Victory!

So instead I was going to ride on our daughter’s coattails for the day, because while I was fighting off sleep she was not only scoring her first goal of the season, it was the winning goal for the first win of the season. Victory!

Erik said I can’t steal her victory, but I feel victorious so I still think it should count. ┬áJust as I was sitting down to type though, our son peeked over my shoulder and said, “I like it when you do things like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like since you started writing about victories, you’re . . . . nicer. You seem happier. I wish you could be this way all the time!”

Oh boy.

Me too, kiddo. But who says I can’t? I feel like the places where I’ve seen victory this week have just been the times when I was cognizant enough to say, “Hey, God can give me what I need in this moment” and then I asked him for it.

So really, it’s all Him. It’s His victory in me. And that someone else can see it? Victory!

Where are you calling victory today?

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  1. Ethan’s perception is beautiful. He saw Jesus in you because you chose to look through His eyes! Thanks, my friend, for once again making me see that I need to choose how I look at life.

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