Finding God

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Recently I pulled out all the journals I could find that I’ve written as an adult. (Yes, I still write on paper. Someday, when computers take over the world, they will have to pry the last piece of paper from my cold, dead hands).

But I digress. I am trying to gather my thoughts from our time in Asia and assemble them into a book for people to read. I went searching through my journals for evidence of how God was working in my heart through all that time. I discovered lots of great quotes from conferences and books, evidence that I have always been addicted to chocolate, and the knowledge that on January 31, 2004, our son tried to heal a cut on his foot by stepping on a piece of processed cheese. Genius.

And I found God. God meeting me over and over again in places just like this one. I was reminded of His tenderness as we moved from China to Singapore, when all the details worked out so smoothly it was uncanny, and it was like He said, “I know this is hard for you. Let me make it just a little easier.” I saw His joy in refreshing me through the first summer back in China, after two tough years in Singapore. I felt Him as El Roi – the God who sees, in those times when I had lost my bearings and felt invisible. I was reminded of the pure realness of His existence as I pondered Him meeting me on the other side of the globe. I experienced His answers to prayer over and over. I saw Him as my Shepherd, directing my path in new and unfamiliar places. His mercy, grace, compassion – it was all there.

His faithfulness is unspeakable. I’m so thankful to have this written evidence that serves as a reminder to me that the One who was with me consistently there is the same One who is with me now.

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