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I am finally getting around to posting a few before and after pictures of our house. It’s encouraging to look at them and think, “Ah yes, progress has been made.” Are we feeling settled? Does it feel like home? Yes. No. Or as we say in China, “yue lai yue,” which means roughly “it’s getting there.”

This room was a cacophony of color. The wall behind me was light blue. The wall to my right was yellow. The hallway was peach, with an orange accent. And as you can see, not quite enough paint was used.
I’m a little obsessed with yellow and gray right now. This is probably my favorite before and after of the house!
If you look in the kitchen, you can see that our back splash is still the red it was before, plus the space where we took something off the wall. If we don’t do something about it soon, it will always be that way!
The dining room before
After! We changed the chair rail – liked the idea but not the style. Those ceiling medallions are a pinterest idea. They said it would be cheap. It wasn’t, but I like it!
Yes, this master bedroom is as gargantuan as it appears. I had ideas about exercising in here but . . .
With furniture in it, everything rattles if you jump around! We realized we had a lot of red furniture in China, which all migrated here to our bedroom.
Those doors lead to one of my favorite house features which is the second floor deck. Crazy!
The media room cracked us up. You like the two blues? There were actually three; another one was on the wall next to me.
We decided to make it one color, the boring people that we are.
I’m particularly proud of this table because I stained it myself. I’m also in love with our doors that we brought back. Yep, just a set of doors with no functional purpose other than pure awesomeness.
I don’t have a before picture of this because it was just a closet. Now it’s my office!
The print on the left says, “Though she be but little she is fierce.” I like to think that is true.
Upstairs guest room before
And after – this was the easiest room because the wall color already matched! Now taking reservations for 2013
This was one of the rooms that cracked us up. Blue . . or yellow? Let’s do both!
Yep, two blue walls and two yellow. Sigh.
This is Erik’s office, this view being the same as the first office picture.
That’s the pile of things that have no home in the office. Again, if we don’t do something soon, it will simply be known as “where we keep the extra books.”

So that’s a little bit of the house. I sometimes wonder what the previous owners would think of what we’ve done. I like to think they’d like it, but the bottom line is that we do. 🙂

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  1. I LOVE your little closet office! And the ceiling medallions — I imagine if one was big into flea markets or something then it could be fairly cheap. It's exciting to see a long post about everything you've done!

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