Libraries as God Intended

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It amazes me, shocks me, really, that I have been in Orlando a full month and, until today, had not found the library. I have heard it calling me all this time, “Gina . . . I have books . . . books from your Good Reads list . . . come and play!” But I’ve been busy doing a million other things. Plus I planned for this like some people planned for Y2K by bringing a stack of unread books with me.

So I wasn’t desperate, but I was feeling a little incomplete without a library card, so I loaded the super happy kids in the car (they have books to read too so they really didn’t want to go) and drove to the main branch in downtown Orlando.

As I did, I reflected back on my library experience of the last 13 years. Mostly it was non-existent because eight years of Asia we were in China which had no libraries. In Singapore we were blessed to have a children’s library (yes, they have a whole children’s library chain throughout the country) one block from our house and main library locations all over town. The downside of libraries there was that they are not free. It is also easier to vote in America than it is to obtain a library card in Singapore, although I guess that’s not saying much.

So I’m excited that now I live in a place that has several library locations and is free – the best of both worlds. Better still, we’d heard a rumor that they will not only transfer books from one location to another for you, but they will actually deliver books to your door, and it’s true! Finally – libraries as God intended!

I’m off to order my books.

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