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feed on His faithfulness to you

Do not let the current state of our house fool you.

Though people who visit express astonishment at how “settled” everything looks, mine is not a settled heart. Perhaps our zeal to get the house in order quickly is partly a way to occupy our hearts. It distracts them, and makes them think they are settled too.

It’s also evidence that this isn’t our first rodeo. We know we’d rather go great guns at the beginning rather than drag out the process of unpacking and decorating.

Truth be told, my heart feels untethered. Lost. I miss knowing and being known. I remember now Ethan’s “my heart is tired of all the new things.” The new things make my heart feel like it’s climbing a mountain. The last few days I’ve let myself linger in these feelings a little more, shed some tears.

I search the scripture for some balm. What I really want is for something to make it all go away – something to satisfy my need to feel found, rooted, known. Part of me knows I am all these things in God, but feelings don’t so quickly follow reality. I hope He will give me something more.

What I find is not satisfaction but hope. Psalm 37:3 says, “dwell in the land and feed on faithfulness.” I know that for my heart to move toward satisfaction it will take courage, faith, endurance, and lots of time.

In the meanwhile, I feed on His faithfulness to me. I recall the transitions of my life and I have hope. He has proved Himself good to us again and again. He is El Roi, the God Who Sees. Jehovah Jireh, the One Who Provides. Immanuel, God With Us. I will feed on this.

“At an acceptable time, O God . . . answer me in your saving faithfulness.” Psalm 69:13


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  1. Will be praying for you, Gina, as you find your 'new' new. I admire those who serve in missions, military, or other positions that require constant change. I felt so lost for so long as we transitioned to/from Singapore. And even coming back 'home' after 4 years to the hometown, things were just different. It's taken a long time to feel settled again; praying!

  2. oh friend. . . praying for your heart in the settling in process. The settling in process is definitely deceiving isn't it? It "appears" as if we are settled as the boxes are unpacked but often times it takes much longer to get ourselves fully unpacked and settled into a new place or a new team or a new ministry. That's always the last part for me and it can take what seems like FOREVER (to me) for it to be complete. Thinking and praying for you! With love. . . Tammy

  3. I came over here from Faith Filled Friday. Thank you for sharing your heart. How wonderful that you found the balm you needed in various attributes of God's character and that he is showing up in these times of feeling unsettled and untethered.

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